Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategy helps organizations to focus their attention to complete resource utilization to increase sales and win over their competitors. Every company applies some kind of marketing strategies to maintain existing customers, attract potential customers and also to maintain and enhance their reputation in the market.

When designing a marketing plan, first a marketing strategy is taken into consideration. The marketing plan consists of steps to be taken so as to attain success in the implementation of the marketing strategy chosen. Big projects involve selection of different strategies at different levels. Usually a strategy consists of well-sketched tactics. They are meant to meet the needs and finally reach marketing objectives.

Each of the strategies has pre calculated results because when a particular strategy is chosen at a particular level, its outcome becomes the goal of that particular level. If there is an absence of a well thought strategy in a marketing plan means it is supposedly lacking a good foundation. A reasonable marketing strategy should not only facilitate marketing goals, but also the action sequence of a campaign.

At regular time intervals the firm should analyze the marketing decision. This is done with the help of strategic models and the 3C’s model is considered for this purpose. To calculate the company’s strategic position, Ansoff matrix is used. The 3C’s model determines the factors, which leads to the success of a marketing campaign.

There are three key parties involved in this model the corporation, the customer and the competitors. The involvement of all the three key parties leads to positive results and this involvement is known as the 3C’s or strategic triangle.

The role of the corporation is to increase the strength of the company in the success critical areas, when compared to that of the competitor. The customer and his interest form the basis of any strategy.

The competitor also plays a vital part. The competitor based strategies are based on the functioning of business competitors like design and engineering, sales and servicing, and purchasing.

When making a marketing plan depending on some particular strategies known as mix strategies are used. 4P’s model is used to calculate whether the plan is sticking to the strategies or not. The four Ps stand for product, price, place and promotion. Products are goods produced by the company on a huge scale for the purpose of selling them and earning profit.

Price is the money paid for a product by the customer. The price is based on many factors like competition, market share, customer perception and product identity. Place where the product is sold can be either physical store or store on the Internet. It is also known as distribution channel. To make the customer knowledgeable about a product, the marketer does promotion. It involves advertising, public relation and point of sale.

There are different types of marketing strategies based on some criteria. Challenger, Leader and Follower are types of market dominance strategies. Market dominance strategies are used to dominate the market. Cost leadership, Market segmentation and Product differentiation are types of porter generic strategies. Porter generic strategies are built on strategic strength or competing abilities and strategic scope or market penetration.

Close followers, late follower and Pioneers are types of innovation strategies. Innovation strategies are meant to trigger the rate of product development and model innovation. It helps the firm to incorporate latest technologies. Intensification, Diversification, Vertical integration and Horizontal integration are types of growth strategies.

Growth strategies facilitate the growth of the organization. Marketing warfare strategies are conjunction of marketing strategies and military strategies.

A marketing strategy or a mix of them is chosen only after thorough market research. A marketer should always be ready to face any kind of situations like if the strategy is changed in the middle, he should be able to perform another market research so as to choose the proper strategy, within a short period of time.

Marketing Management

Marketing management involves choosing target markets that not only get new customers but also retain the existing ones. It is a business subject, which is based on research and study of practical applications of marketing techniques and management of the marketing resources.

The one who excels in this field is known as marketing manager. The job of the marketing manager is to influence the timing and level of customer demand so as to help the sales.

It actually depends on the size of the business and environment in the corporate industry. Like if he is working in a huge production company, he will be the general manager of a particular product category assigned to him and he will be responsible for profit and loss with respect to the product. And in small business there is no marketing manager as his job is taken over by the partners of the company.

Creating and communicating best customer values can increase the number of customers. The steps taken and resources utilized to maintain existing customers and get new customers fall under marketing management. The scope is quite large because it not only consists of developing a product, but also retaining it.

The term marketing management has many definitions. It actually depends on individual firms and how the marketing department functions and activities of other departments like operations finance, pricing and sales.

Before deciding about a marketing strategy, the company must do an in-depth study about their business, and the market. This is where marketing management merges with strategic planning.

Usually the marketing strategies are of three types, customer analysis, company analysis and competitor analysis. Using the customer analysis, the market is broken down into different types of customers.

The marketing management realizes the characteristics and other variables of each group. They are geographical location, demographic, customer behavior pattern and need.

Like a group of people can be recognized who can be less price sensitive, purchases often and are growing. Such groups can be worked on by heavy investments as they are worth the money and time. They cannot only retain such customers and make new customers in this group but they can go to the very extent of turning back customers who don’t belong to this group.

Understanding the needs makes customer’s expectations to be met per their satisfaction, better than the competitors, which will lead to higher sales and obvious profit.

Company analysis highlights the cost structure and resources of the company and cost position when compared to competitors. The accounting executives use it to learn about the profit earned by a particular product. From time to time, audits are conducted to study about the strengths of various brands of the company.

Marketers using competitor analysis build detail customer profiles. It gives a clear picture about the strengths and weaknesses of the firm, when compared to a competitor. The competitor’s cost structure, resources, competitive positioning, degree of vertical integration, product differentiation, and profits are studied in detail and are compared to what company is doing in those regards.

The marketing management to do marketing analysis carries out marketing research. The most common of such researches are qualitative marketing research, quantitative marketing research, experimental techniques and observational techniques.

After all the studies and researches are conducted, its easier for the marketing manager to make strategic decisions and they then can design a marketing strategy to increase the profits and revenues of their company. The other goals can be profit over the long run, market.

Marketing Selling To A Woman And Selling To A Man

Different approaches should be taken when selling products or services to a man when compared to a woman. As they say that men are from mars and women from Venus both of them think very differently and hence, their thinking should be influenced by different methods.

For example, when a man decides to buy a car he looks out for the latest model, speed, mileage, etc. But when a woman goes out to buy a car she will choose a car depending on the color.

She would like it match it either with her work dress or accessories like watch and will be concerned whether there is enough space to store her necessities.

Because their psychologies differ so much, they should be convinced to buy a product using different methods.

Presentation is also very important.

The salesperson talking to a male client doesn’t have to concentrate much on looks and cleanliness. It is okay if he doesn’t have the required documents on hand and his sleeves are folded up. But when the same salesperson is referring to a female client, he should be spotless from head to toe.

He should comb his hair properly, have manicured nails and even his shoes should be well-polished. The salesperson should be prepared with all the necessary documents before hand and shouldn’t go rushing in front of the customer. Women seek perfectionism.

Words should be spoken with extra care in front of a woman customer. Women are better listeners and they will analyze each spoken word.

A lot of emotion should be involved in the talking because women are drawn to emotions immediately. Like when selling clothes to a lady, tell her how you will feel bad for her if she has to sweat badly in the summer due to her nature of job. Pick a nice cotton dress for her and ask her to try it.

The customer will be highly touched and will take less time to buy the product. Seventy five percent of the job is done if she is won emotionally.

Next important point is to never stop talking in front of the female customer. The moment the salesperson stops talking, she will start thinking deeply about the product and will start examining every detail of the product and will give a second thought to the product. Women have the capability of multi tasking. They will be able to listen as well as read the manual at the same time.

So keep her involved into many things at a time. A man lacks the talent of multi-tasking. If a male client gets involved with something else, stop speaking immediately because he will be unable to concentrate on both the things and it will lead him into a confusion state.

Another point to be taken care of is, it’s not a good idea to have a woman salesperson when a male client is to be handled. Women talk a lot and men are bad listeners. The woman salesperson will go on and on about the product and the man will just nod his head without getting any meaning out of it.

They will not able to express properly whether they are getting the point or not. But on the other hand, a woman client can easily express how much she has followed. Even if they don’t speak it out, her facial expressions will tell it all.

So when a salesperson is dealing with a female customer, he or she should watch out for the client’s expressions. If she shows any state of confusion or dislike, try taking a different approach.

Men clients can be made to understand about the product by simply drawing the outlook of the product using a simple pen and paper.

Men have a good capability of visualizing the three dimensional images of the product which is being referred to. But women are not so good that. To present a clear picture, the sample or the actual product should be shown to her.

Complimenting a male customer is a very good idea. He will be over whelmed and will take it in a good sense. But a woman is a careful listener, so any compliment should be given with extra care.

Relationship Marketing For Essencial The Business

The relationship marketing is targeted at building stronger and long lasting relationships with clients and other companies. The business is done with a strategic orientation, where the relationship is improved with existing customers rather than finding new customers.

relationship marketing

It is relationship marketing meant to cater to the needs of individual customers.

Its major part involves studying the need of the customer and how it changes in different circumstances.

relationship marketing applies techniques like marketing, sales, customer care and communication. The relationship is not only enhanced but its life period is increased by these strategies.

relationship marketing and as the customer realizes the value of relationship, they are drawn closer.

This marketing not only focuses on building relationship and attracting customers to their products and services but also how to retain them.

It was started in B2B markets and industries, which involved long term contracts for many years. Over the period of time, various marketing strategies were improved and relationship marketing was one of them.

Relationship marketing is applicable where the customers have many options in the market for the same product or service and the customer is entitled to make a selection decision.

In such a kind of market, businesses try to maintain their clients by providing comparatively better products and good service and hence, achieving customer loyalty. And once it is achieved it becomes difficult for competitors to do well in the market.

The customer turnover wasnt paid attention on as the main attention was on customer satisfaction. This kind of marketing was initially named as defensive marketing.

Offensive marketing is the marketing strategy where not only new customers are attracted, but also the sales are stepped up by increasing the purchase frequency. This kind of marketing concentrates on freeing dissatisfied customers and acquiring new customers.

According to a research, the cost of retaining an old customer is only ten percent of the cost of getting a new customer, which makes sense to not to run around to get new customers in relationship marketing

And according to relationship marketing another research done by cross sectional analysis, says that, a five percent improvement in customer retention is responsible for twenty five to eighty five percent of the profit.

Usually high cost is incurred when getting new customers, so if sufficient number of existing customers is retained, there will be no need of acquiring new customers.

Once relationship marketing the customer trust is gained his chances of switching to other company becomes relatively less, he buys goods in bulk, he buys other supplementary goods and he starts neglecting average price variation.

This maintains the unit sales volume and there is an increase in dollar sales volume.

The existing customers will be like a living advertisement.

If he is satisfied with the company he will recommend it to his friends and acquaintances.

Since relationship marketing the existing customers are familiar with the process, it will take less time and money to educate them about the procedures putting fewer burdens on employees also and making them feel more satisfied with their jobs.

The customers are divided into groups based on their loyalty.

This procedure is known as relationship ladder of customer loyalty. The groups in ascending order are prospects, customer, client, supporter, advocate and partner.

Due to the advancement in computers and Internet, software has been developed to facilitate customer relationship management. With the help of this software the tastes, activities, preferences, and complaints of customers are tracked.

Almost relationship marketing all the companies have this software in their marketing strategy, which benefits the customer as well as the company.

Thus the main aim of relationship marketing is to construct and maintain relationship with committed clients who are meant to bring profit to the company. The other benefits achieved are confidence building a social marketing best relationship marketing.

How To Marketing Use Internet Banner Advertising

For years now, the how to marketing internet banner advertising has captured the world wide web for it has become a large help in saving an amount of money while reaching beyond territories. how to marketing

Banner advertising played a major part in market trafficking all over the internet and many individuals and companies have bought themselves these cheap internet banner advertising.

Some made use of it financially, how to marketing others have no idea on what to do with it.

With your cheap internet banner advertisement, would you just sit in front of your computer and wait for people to notice you

Would you let your company get trampled by other companys marketing strategies

Okay, so you admit you bought internet banner advertising, but does that mean you won’t do anything about it because it costs cheap

These how to marketing following steps will help you get up on your feet and make your cheap internet banner advertising priceless.

With how to marketing these simple instructions, there will always have traffic on your website.

First, to how to marketing  be able to capture the attention of your target audience, your title and topic should be thought of with concern.

You have to make the people believe that your cheap internet banner advertising is worthy of their time.

The advertisement has to meet the audiences need.

For the people to bring attention to your internet banner advertising, you should be able to raise the curiosity and convince the people.

You should be able to deliver your products or services with strong words that may lead the target audience at deciding.

You should be able to constructs words on your advertisements that could lead the target audience that you are directly talking to them to give a sense of familiarity on your services.

As you how to marketing persuade the people by calling for them and directing them to buy or entail your services, they give importance to your business proposal.

Your cheap internet based banner advertising will become one of the sought for ads there are.

Make sure to present your ads to the global community repeatedly to get them familiar with you and your services.

Always remember that having a website doesn’t mean it could sell products by itself.

You must be sure to accompany it with marketing strategies.

By buying banner advertising, you or how to marketing  your company would save time and money while achieving market sales.

These internet banners advertising may come cheap, but it how to marketing could lead you or your company to business.

Maximum Exposure On Low Cost Internet Ad

Advertising of maximum exposure had long since been a major determinant of a business success.

This would include the presentation of the product or service to the consumers.

What maximum exposure really matters is how it is presented to the target market to be able to capture it.

maximum exposure

Whatever the package, the ad media also plays a great role in determining the success of the product or service awareness.

What maximum exposure may be its advantages over other proven medium like the best selling TV ads


1. Low Cost

Eventhough maximum exposure the Internet ad might be viewed as classy or far reaching, as compared to other medium, this is far cheaper than most.

Internet Ad Packages are offered for as low as $29.99 for a one month run time period.

2. Capture market

Should  maximum exposure your product or service aim to cater to the younger generation or the corporate oriented ones, Internet ad would be best since they would always

be marketing hooked up into the net surfing sites that might have a link to your very own.

Result, a great number of hits on your site of maximum esposure

2. Hassle free

All you would ever really need is a PC and some knowledge and bright ideas in forming your site wherein you could open your site, search for the best Internet ad package

and check, update the status of your ad.

You may actually never have to leave your home to advertise

3. Updated ads

Unlike the tv ads that need to be updated on a regular basis, Internet ads may run for quite some time without the need for change.

If maximum esposure so, change in the site is very minimal and may be done easily at home.


1. Scope
Limited market may be captured if one would solely use the internet ad for advertising.

Although maximum exposure most people now are into the use of technology, surfing the Internet, still, majority of the average consumers still relies on maximum exposure

the old form of advertising as a means of gathering information about certain products or service.

2. Additional cost

If maximum esposure one would enlist the help of another professional or establishment to produce the site for their product or service, this would entail additional costs on the part of the entrepreneur.

Given the  maximum exposure stated list of advantages and disadvantages about low coast Internet Ad, an entrepreneur may now weigh in its applicability to his or her product or service.

The aim of Internet ad is to offer the widest range or maximum exposure of the brand at the least possible cost.

Now, does that not sound good or what of maximum exposure.

Seo Effective Comes Cheap Marketing

Search engine optimization or seo is the hottest way to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Maximizing the benefits of a well optimized website will yield lots of earnings for the marketer.

However, optimizing your site for seo might cost you thousands of dollars if you are not skilled in this area.

But to tell you the truth, you can essentially get information on low cost seo anywhere in the Internet.


But only several really show you how to work out an affordable search engine optimization endeavor. And marketing.

1. Link exchanges

One cheap seo method that can get you best results is through link exchanges or linking to and from other web sites.

Depending on the websites that seo you would like to exchange links with, this tool could even cost you nothing at all.

Contact the author or owner of the web site you want to have a link exchange with.

You will be surprised with the eventual spiking up of your page ranking using this means of getting your website optimized.

2. Write or acquire key word rich articles

Writing truly for seo informative and keyword rich articles is one surefire way to make your Internet business more visible than ever.

It’s either you write your own articles or you get them from article directories that allow you to post these articles on your website as long as you keep the resource box or the authors byline in tact.

Just don’t stuff your articles with keywords that even idiots would get bore of reading them.

The readability and fresh ness of your articles will still be the basis of whether your writers will keep on coming back to your website or not.

3. Catchy Domain Name

What seo better will make your target visitors remember your website but with a very easy to recall domain name.

Something sweet and short will prove to be very invaluable.

Registering your domain name is not for free. But creativity is.

4. Organize your site navigation

Providing easy steps in navigating your site is one way to make your visitors become at ease with your site. This, in turn, will improve the flow of traffic to your website.

Low cost seo is always evolving like any other approach in information technology.

There are many methods that can very well land you on the top ten rankings of Google or on any other search engines

Some may cost a lot but there are methods that can give you the same results at a low price or you can even do seo on your seo own such as those mentioned above.

Internet Marketing Essential Tools

The essential internet marketing tools You can find an affiliate program almost anything nowadays — including affiliate search engine programs.

Although the list has decreased greatly in the past years for internet marketing

there are still some search engines that give you, as an affiliate, a part of what they earn if you refer their service to others.

These affiliate search engine programs are not offered by the big search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, but you might be able to get some commissions by promoting them.

Many people are fed up with Google and all of their unfair rules and rule changes that happen overnight. And they could be looking for other options.

internet marketingtips for internet marketing

The most recognized search engine that offers an affiliate program is 7Search.

It is tips for marketing also one of the few remaining. The 7Search affiliate program is a Pay Per Search program and it advertises over 14,000 participating affiliates.

You can earn commissions in two ways for internet marketing

by installing a search box on your website, and then getting a commission when someone does a search, or through direct text links to search results.

You make three and a half cents per search or 63 percent of the revenue share from all of your text links. You could also decide to accept a bit lower rate for each search that is performed in exchange for earning credits at the 7Searches mother company’s Emergency24 banner exchange program.

You get paid on your commissions every 3 months and you must have earned at least 25 dollars for your check to be sent out.

Otherwise in internet marketing your earnings accrue until you meet the 25 dollar mark

In internet marketing general, 7Search seems to be a popular choice for many marketers both for its PPC results and its affiliate programs.

Claims from internet marketing those who have used the PPC platform to advertise their sites and businesses are that their ads are getting viewed by a large, targeted market, and returns on investments are very impressive.

Those who participate in the affiliate program also claim to earn a decent share and they internet marketing do get paid on time.

Articles Marketing Are The Quickest Customers Wallet

One articles marketing way of promoting your website and product can be achieved for free

As articles marketing an additional bonus, this free method can boost your sites and sales, doubling and even tripling your income.

The articles marketing the promoting your marketing

One articles marketing of the easiest ways to promote your website in order to generate traffic and increase your earnings.

How does this work articles marketing best business

articles marketing

Write articles marketing relating to your website and submit them to free content submission sites. Easy to do, takes little time and can increase your website traffic, sales and of course, your income.

How can article writing boost traffic and income

The article on the free content site contains a link to your own website. Readers, after reading your articles marketing, may choose to click on the link and pay you an unexpected visit.

Having them on the free content sites is also making these articles marketing available to other webmasters who may wish to publish that article on their site.

If they do, your article marketing will include a link back to your site.

And article marketing anyone who reads the article on that site can still click on the link to visit your site.

As the articles marketing list of your published articles grow larger, and more and more of them are appearing on different websites, the total number of links to your site increases also.

Major search engines are placing a lot of significance on incoming links to websites so they can determine the importance of a certain site.

The more incoming links the website has, the more importance search engines attaches to it. This will then increase your website placement in the search results.

If you site is into promoting a product or service, the links that your articles have achieved will mean more potential customers for you.

Even if visitors only browse through, you never know if they might be in need of what you are offering in the future.

There are also those who already have specific things they need on their mind but cannot decide yet between the many choices online.

Chances are, they may stumble upon one of your articles, gets interested by the contents you wrote, go to your site and became enticed by your promotions.

See articles marketing how easy that is lovers search engines

Search engines do not just index the websites, they also index published articles.

They also index any articles marketing that is written about your own website’s topic

So once someone searches for that same topic, the list of results will have your site or may even show the articles that you have written.

And to think, no effort on your part was used to bring them to your site. Just your published articles and the search engines.

It is no wonder why many webmasters are suddenly reviving their old writing styles and taking time to write more articles about their site than doing other means of promotion.

Getting their site known is easier if they have articles increasing their links and traffic and making it accessible for visitors searching the internet.

Since many people are now taking their buying needs online, having your site on the search engines through your articles is one way of letting them know about you and your business.

The good thing with articles marketing is that you can write about things that people would want to know about.

This can be achieved in the lightest mood but professional manner, with a little not so obvious sales pitch added.

If you think about it, only a few minutes of your time is spent on writing one article and submitting to free content site.

In the shortest span of time also, those are distributed to more sites than you can think of.

Even before you know what is happening, you are getting more visitors than you previously had.

If you think you are wasting your time writing these articles marketing fast forward to the time when you will see them printed and wide spread on the internet.

Not to mention the sudden attention and interest that people are giving your website and your and articles marketing products or services

Tips Articles 6 Red Hot To Get Your Read

There are many people who dread having to write papers or tips articles.

tips articles

Many tips articles just feel like it seems to be too much work and it all just goes to waste when no one reads the. To some people, reading articles seems like work to

especially if the article is boring and very bland. Well, articles are supposed to be read, that’s their purpose to impart your message and information.

If tips articles it is not read then it is a waste of time and effort.

But all the same, articles have to be written to be read. It’s just a matter of making them good.

Making a good article doesn’t have to be strenuous and straining.

There are just some points needed to be reminded of, and some guides marketing to follow.

Once you get the hang of it, writing articles could be fun, as well as profitable for you and your site.

Of course, writing articles must be about something you know about, that’s why if you own a site, you probably is knowledgeable about that certain topic and theme.

When you write about it, you won’t have a hard time because you already know what it is and what it’s about.

It’s just a matter of making your articles creative and interesting.

To make sure that your tips articles get read and enjoyed, here are six red hot tips to get your articles read. These tips will make your articles readable and interesting.

Use short paragraphs.

When the paragraph are very long, the words get jumbled in the mind of the reader just looking at it It can get quite confusing and too much of a hard work to read.

The reader will just quickly disregard the paragraph and move on to much easier reading articles that are good to look at as well as read.

Paragraphs can be a single sentence, sometimes even a single word!

Make use of numbers or bullets.

As each point is stressed out, numbers and bullets can quickly make the point easy to remember and digest. As each point, tip, guide or method is started with a bullet or point,

readers will tips marketing know that this is where the tips start and getting stressed.

Format you bullets and numbers with indentations so that article won’t look like a single block of square paragraphs. Add a little bit of flair and pizza to your articles shape.

Use Sub headings to sub divide your paragraphs in the page.

Doing this will break each point into sections but still would be incorporated into one whole article.

It tips articles would also be easy for the reader to move on from one point to another, the transition would be smooth and easy.

You will never lose your readers attention as well as the point and direction to where the article is pointing.

Provide a good attention grabbing title or header.

If your title can entice a person’s curiosity you’re already halfway in getting a person to read your article. Use statements and questions that utilize keywords that people are looking for.

Provide titles or headers that describe tips articles content but should also be short and concise.

Use titles like, tips on making her want you more, or how to make her swoon and blush .

You tips marketing could also use titles that can command people, for example, Make her yours in six easy ways.

These types of titles reach out to a persons emotions and makes them interested.

Keep them interested from the start to tips marketing the finish.

From your opening paragraph, use real life situations that can be adopted by the reader.

Use good descriptions and metaphors to drive in your point, just don’t over do it.

Driving tips articles your examples with graphic metaphors and similes would make it easy for them to imagine what you are talking about.

Making the experience pleasurable and enjoyable for them.

Utilize figures when necessary and not just ordinary and insipid statements.

Using specific facts and figures can heighten your article because it makes it authoritative.

But do not make it too formal, it should be light and easy in them and flow.

Like a friendly teacher having a tips articles little chat with an eager student.