How To Make A YouTube Video

Are how to make a youtube video you interested in making your own videos to upload to YouTube and to share with

the rest of the internet community.  If you are and if this is your first time trying to do so, you may be wondering how you can go about making your own videos.

Although the process of making a YouTube video may seem like a complicated one, it isn’t necessarily.  Even those with a low amount of computer knowledge are able to successfully make their own videos, many of which later end up on YouTube.

The first step in making a YouTube video is to get a video recording device.  Video recording devices come in a number of different formats.  For instance, it is possible to use cell phones, webcams, or traditional camcorders.  If you are interested in using your cell phone to help you make a YouTube video, you will need to make sure that your cell phone has video recording capabilities.

You will find that most new, modern cell phones do.  For the best quality videos, you want to use traditional camcorders, particularly digital ones, but webcams are also nice low-cost alternatives.

Once you have a video recording device in your possession, you can start to make your own videos.  Popular videos on YouTube include video blogs, comedy skits, how-to videos, or travel videos.  You can make just about whatever type of video you want, whether it is one that is staged or just recording spur of the moment activities or conversations.

When making a YouTube video, it is important to remember that YouTube doesn’t limit the number of videos you can submit, but all videos must be ten minutes or less, if you have a traditional YouTube membership account.  Therefore, if you want to have videos be longer than ten minutes, you either need to upgrade your account or make your videos in different segments.

When making your YouTube video, you will want to make sure that the quality is good.  For this, it is a good idea to speak directly into the camera or else use raised voices.  This will help to ensure that those watching your videos on YouTube can actually understand what you are saying.

It is also advised that you make sure the lighting is good.  The best time to make movies is during the day.  If you want to make your movies at night, whether they take place inside or outdoors, you will want to make sure that you have the appropriate amount of lighting.  Nothing is worse that watching a video that is hard to see.

Although there are a number of steps, like the ones mentioned above, which you can take to ensure that your YouTube videos are quality ones, there is a way that you can fix problems later on. You can do this with movie editing software.  Moving editing software allows you to preview and edit your videos, should you wish to do so before uploading them to YouTube.

If you have a relatively new computer, you should be able to find movie editing software already on your computer.  If you are unable to find movie editing software, you should be able to get free software programs or even purchase deluxe software programs online or from one of your local media stores.

The decision as to whether or not you want to edit your videos, before sharing them on YouTube, is yours to make, but it is advised that you at least look into doing so, especially if your computer already has a movie editing program.  You will want to watch your movies and see if there is anything that you would like to edit, change, or remove.

If so, the time to do it is before you post your video on the YouTube website.  Editing your YouTube videos or at least previewing them first is likely to improve their quality, which, in turn, will help to improve the exposure that your YouTube videos get.

Many YouTube members share videos that they find interesting with those that they know and your videos may be one of them.

Product Marketing Launch In 5 Easy Steps

product marketing for today best

To product marketing prevent the risks of a promotion campaign for our products or services

I’m talking about email campaigns, it is recommended to study some of the most common mistakes that can be made in this situation.

tips marketingmarketing products It is obvious that we won’t succeed on the internet.

The desire of immediate success for product marketing

Launching a promotion campaign through email can be compared the situation in which we want to reach the top of a hill with our car, starting from the base.

It product marketing is obvious that we won’t succeed on the first try and it requires a little more time until we reach the proper speed.

In product marketing some cases we get to wonder if our car is capable of such a task.

It takes patience these product marketing.

product marketing

On the other hand, experts say that the only variable that influences the success of any marketing campaign is the force of the message.

That’s why a campaign needs to be focused, faithful to the promoted message and you need to arm yourself with of patience.

Trying to reach a bigger audience then your budget allows.

Which would be the right option for product marketing

To have your message reach the whole target group and to influence only 10% or to have your message reach only 10% of the targeted group but to influence all the members.

To understand better how marketing efforts can get more efficient take a look at this analogy

your message is the nail, repeating action is the hammer and the client is a chuck of wood.

If the nail is sharp and the hammer is used efficiently you can pierce through the chuck of wood and catch the client.

Oh well maybe it wasn’t the right analogy but I’m sure you got the message.

Let’s move on product marketing live

The assumption that the business owner is always right or knows best.

There product marketing are situations in life  like family environment, profession, hobbies, when are are all emotional implicated and we risk to lose objectivity.

The excess of information related to our company, the services and products we offer, makes us answer questions that are never asked.

When you are closed in a bottle it’s hard to read your own label.

In promotion marketing this case, the opinion of a outsider can help, big time

Email Marketing 6 Tips Improve Open Rates

email marketing now to marketing a lead service and traditional marketing strategies in conjunction with each other can provide a balanced marketing effort.

to email marketing helps develop a brand while

a lead service will help close sales by providing leads that are already seeking the service offered.

email marketingmarketing for business

The email marketing is about two things

name recognition and email marketing closing sales

Best email marketing is about more than a sales presentation. It’s about grabbing the public attention and holding it. A lead service delivers an interested public.

developing a brand requires marketing, closing sales requires marketing and a lead service. businesses that want to close sales should say yes to a lead service.

A lead service generates success, marketing executives may disagree on the best form of marketing, but lead executives will tell you to spread the wealth.

Traditional marketing such as the telephone book, newspaper advertisements and flyers are not replaced by a lead service, but complemented by it.

If this email still doesn’t answer why a business should say yes, then a business needs to understand that a lead service delivers respondents that already want the service.

Leads come in a variety of packages from multiples to exclusive, but what a lead service offers a business is a customer that is already primed to buy.

A traditional advertisement and email marketing costs a significant investment targeted at a specific demographic that may return absolutely nothing.

A lead service generates viable leads that are already interested in the service offered.

From mortgages to insurance to credit counseling, a lead service is managed marketing that effectively uses email marketing a budget with a greater chance of return than traditional marketing can provide.

A lead service lets loan and mortgage officers keep one finger on the pulse of the business.

Theres a huge marketplace of consumers looking to refinance, take out home equity loans or just interested in email marketing what they could potentially qualify for in a home mortgage.


Prospecting Your Customer

When you establish a relationship with a customer, you want that relationship to have many levels, not just one layer from one sale.

We all have our sales goals to meet on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. This doesn’t mean that once we get a sale out of our customer, that we hurry them out the door and move onto the next one.

Build a relationship with your customer. As you close the deal on your sale, talk to your customer, find out what it is they need and can use that you can provide them with.

People love to talk about themselves, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get them talking.

Ask about their job, their family, their pets, their hobbies, etc.

For instance, when I was in banking, working within the branch network and someone came in to open a checking account, I would sit them down at my desk and profile them.

How would I profile them

I would take down their information and put it into my computer. By doing this I was able to see if this customer was new to our bank or an existing customer.

Now, if they were a new customer, and came in to open a checking account, I could safely assume that their savings account, investments, and loans were at another bank.

This is about the time I would start my profiling. I would ask about the other institutions that he did business with and compare the benefits and features of our products to the ones he had.

I also knew that there was a reason that he decided to open an account with me, perhaps he just wasn’t happy with his existing bank.

Remember, I only told him about our products and services, I did not push them on him. However, I did make notes of everything we discussed, so I could follow up at a later time. I would also leave my customer with a welcome packet consisting of a brochure for each of our products and several of my business cards.

The customer is in the door. You have some of their business. That is fine for the time being. You don’t want to overwhelm them. Build the relationship with them, gradually find out what their needs are by prospecting, than when the time is right, go over a product with them that you believe is ideal to their needs.

If I had an existing customer in front of me, I had the ability to se what they did and did not have, and again, I would go over the benefits and features of our products, taking notes, and following up at a later time.

The next time you have a customer in front of you, prospect them. Find out what they do and do not have with you. Once you have figured this out, offer to explain the benefits and features of products you have that you believe would be good for them.

Make notes of the conversations you have with your customers, than follow up with them to talk about the products you had discussed.

Prospecting is simply finding out what a customer needs that they don’t have. Once you have established what their needs are, the rest will come relatively easy. Good luck.

The Magic of Asking

People say to me, Maria, I am creating brochures and I am meeting people. I am telling people about my business and I just don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Do you have any suggestions?

When I say to them, have you asked them to buy your product or service?

I quite often get a blank stare back at me.

Ask You mean I should ask.

Yes, this is a very important part of doing business, and many people have lost sales that they would have received if they had only asked for the sale.

This is called, the close.

Some people have said, But what if they say no? So what, the odds are in business that you will have more no’s than yes’s. You see, the more that I have studied marketing, the more I see how true that is. Just consider the no’s practice on your way to a yes.

Some of the most successful marketers out there state that a 10% conversion is good. That means 90% were either not interested or were unable to purchase at this time due to a large variety of reasons.

A no doesn’t mean the end of the world or the end of your business, it just means at this moment they are not interested.

And, ask yourself, how many sales do you believe that you will get if you don’t ask. Not asking is considered the same as leaving money on the table.

Sometimes it means, you just haven’t shown them a benefit that they can relate to.

I have seen examples of people who have changed just a word or two on their web copy and then the sales started pouring in.

If you need to learn how to ask for the sale, there are many books written on the importance of asking and many considered it one of the success secrets in business.

There are countless articles, books and courses on closing a sale and if you haven’t read any of them, I would highly recommend that you do. They go into detail on the early close, the trial close and the final close. As well, I have seen different names given to different styles.

Sadly, the reality is, many people have a sales phobia and would rather socialize at networking event and hope someone will come up and buy their product or service. And believe it or not, other people may think yes it is a good product but you are apparently just showing me today.

So, if the word sales drives you into a frenzy then start by reading, The Aladdin Factor by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. It is a book on how to ask for and get what you want in every area of your life. And, has in it a formula for overcoming the seven most common “asking fears”

It is important to remember that no matter what business you are in, you are always selling yourself, product and or service and knowing how to do it well will assist and help your clients.

When you have a valuable product or service that improves people’s lives, consider it your obligation to let them know that it exists. You will feel more confident than approaching them as though you are a pest.

Just remember, it’s your job to ask and it’s ok if they say no.

Smile and go on to the person just waiting for your arrival.

The Blog Marketing Secrets Ebook

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I’ve written many articles and web pages, and what people ask me over and over again

How can I get more traffic to my web site

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Follow these free viral marketing systems strategies steps and you can earn more money working online than you ever dreamed possible

The free viral marketing system strategies are great, but there isn’t a single thing that if you do it will give you the success on Internet.


What I’m going to reveal to you will eliminate some of those tasks, because I have already done most of that work for you.

Are you looking for a get rich quick scheme

I’m sorry the free viral marketing system strategies isn’t one, but it’s all that you need to start your own home and successful business

That’s it, you will not only be able to use the information yourself, you can also sell or give away this free viral marketing system strategies ebook, including it in a package


New Marketing And Promotional Ideas

New marketing and promotional ideas Free

Most are related to internet-based businesses, but even those can usually be adopted in some way to other businesses. Here are half a dozen marketing ideas to get you thinking.

A one-hour coupon. Offline businesses that want to increase the traffic to their websites can announce an internet coupon good for a free drink or whatever. The coupon would be up on the site for an hour,

sometime on a Friday, say. Visitors will return again and again to try to be there at the right time to get the freebie. If you collect pay-per-click advertising fees, this repeat traffic might be especially profitable.

Free gift article teaser. A free gift is certainly not a new marketing idea, but it hasn’t been done much in internet article “resource boxes.” My click-throughs from articles increased when I started putting in the author’s resource box, “For more information and a free gift, visit…” The gift is usually a short course, or an e-book. If you don’t want to write an e-book, you can find one with free distribution rights.

Word links for sale. Maybe you have heard about the entrepreneur that sold a million pixels on one web page for a dollar each. Advertisers could buy a minimum of 100, and the image would link to their site. I’ve seen many copycats, but I haven’t yet seen anyone selling words.

This could be even better for advertisers, because they could buy the words that are relevant to their products. A page full of random words isn’t pretty, but these things get publicity and traffic for their novelty.

Product user contests. If you have a product that’s used in many ways or many places, this is a great promotional gimmick.

a contest to see who has used their cell phone, watch, or whatever in the wildest place or the most unusual way.  took my walkman to the north pole

Customers could post their stories and photos directly to your company web site. They wiould return repeatedly to see new stories, and the results of the competition.

Advertising on cereal boxes. A lot of time is spent staring at cereal boxes. Perhaps you could get a good rate on advertising on them. There have had some advertising, but no boxes covered in ads yet. Brokering ad space on cereal boxes could be a good business to get into.

Pay for article placement. Many of us distribute articles to generate traffic to our web sites, and many also pay to advertise. Since articles are especially good marketing tools, why not pay to have other webmasters put them on their sites? This is done for free now, but not often enough.

Maybe offer a small one time fee, with a minimum time commitment. Explain that leaving the article there forever can generate search engine traffic.

Put ads on private cars, advertising on sidewalks, have a contest to see who can get your product mentioned on and seen on tv, there are endless possibilities for new marketing and promotional ideas.

Yahoo Site Map A Useful Internet Marketing Tool

A website refers to a compilation of Web pages that can be typically accessed through a software package, commonly known as a Web browser one example is the HTTP on the Internet.

These pages, which are essentially documents that are in the HTML or XHTML format HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, are accessed from a ‘common root URL, or the website’s homepage as most people know it. From this homepage, the visitor or Internet user can browse or look through the entire website either with the use of the hyperlinks or the URLs of the different web pages.

yahoo sitemap

Viewed on computers and other devices that are capable of connecting with the Internet (such as PDAs and cellular phones), websites can be grouped into numerous types, depending on their use or the services that they offer. Some of them include the following:

Yahoo! is perhaps the most famous example of a very large website. The most popular and widely used website, Yahoo is a mixture of the different types of sites, it is a directory site and a search engine site, among others.

Because of the enormous and diverse amount of information that it contains, the Yahoo site map is an extremely useful feature in the Yahoo! website.

A site map is a web page that lists the entire pages on a web site. Organized in a hierarchical fashion, site maps can be in textual or visual form a diagram or an image.

The Yahoo! site map serves as a blueprint for the Yahoo! website. Similar to a book’s Table of Contents, the Yahoo! sitemap makes it easier for visitors or users to find specific information or pages on the Yahoo! web site without having to browse many pages, because the site map gives an overview or a visual outline of the Yahoo! web site, with each location provided with active links to enable the user to directly move to a specific location.

In addition, the Yahoo, site map allows web developers to put out links from across their sites, making it easier for search engine robots or engine spiders to find these pages.

Because the Yahoo! site map improves the search engine optimization of a site, this feature can be considered a valuable tool for online marketers, whose aim is to stimulate and direct traffic to their web sites.

Note, however, that the Yahoo! site map can only give you the basics. Because it is important for web marketers to rank high on main search engines, an effective web marketing strategy that promotes your web site is also very much needed. Listed below are some search engine strategies to consider:

1. Write a descriptive page title at the top of your webpage that avoids filler words like the or and.

2. Incorporate descriptive keywords on your home page, along with your business name. This is called keyword prominence.

3. Include a Description Meta Tag at the top of the web page. This refers to the sentences 1 or 2 lines, with a maximum of around 255 characters that describe the content of your web page.

These are just some of the many techniques that you can employ to get more users to visit your website. The important thing is to focus on keywords, and let Yahoo site map do the rest.

1 Step Internet Marketing

When it comes to marketing online and selling products, many people are not sure how to get visitors to their website or how to market their products. Any business owner knows that when starting an internet business it’s essential to run strong marketing campaigns in order to acheive success.

visit marketing

Whether its promomting a single product, service, business opportunity, you have to somehow figure out how to get the right people to see your business.

There are numerous ways to target the right people in order to acheive financial success online. One way in particular is through bulk e-mail. Granted it does work and it can be a numbers game, however there are some services that pay people too open e-mail and read them.

In order to find the services that work, you will have to test them and see which bulk e-mail services yeild real results.

A number of very reputable companies offer marketing packages that often contain downloadable CD’s teaching expert marketing strategies and secrets. A lot of systems have received mass appeal to online business seekers simply because it cuts out all of the prospecting and phone calls.

Anyone that has been in any type of network marketing business knows that they can spend an entire day on the phone prospecting in hopes of finding just 1 person that will join their opportunity. Marketing systems will do most of this work for you so you don’t have to.

Many marketing systems will let you take a sneak preview of their compensation pay plan and business model. When it comes to marketing online, it’s easy to make mistakes and it’s easy to waste a lot of money testing new ideas. Any marketing package try’s to cut down on the hassle of spending advertising dollars only in hopes of making it all back.

When looking for a new home business it can be an overwhelming process with all the programs available online. Most programs do not teach people how to market successfully online which eventually leave people empty handed and broke. Finding a program that makes it easy to duplicate success is an essential part of any home based business.

Before deciding on a home based business be sure you know what you’re looking for and by this I mean find a program with a proven track record. Find a program that has testimonials and a system already in place that teaches you how to duplicate their success. We know that most people want to do almost nothing and receive everything.

The truth that comes with any home based business is that it does take time and effort to get it running. The initial boost will ensure a long successful home business career. Eventually you can ease up and put your system on automatic and reap the rewards, but not without doing some hard work first.

2 Step Marketing

Do it Right


I receive postcards all the time. The other day I received a postcard trying to sell me a copy machine. It had tiny, tiny lettering slathered all over the front and a large portion of the back of the card.

It was extremely hard to read, so hard in fact that I threw it away.

Several days later I received a postcard with 32 words on it telling me that I could get complete information on unrestricted long distance telephone service for 5.5 cents a minute with no additional monthly fee by calling the 800 number on the card.

I did call. I got the information, had my questions answered and ordered my long distance service changed.
The company who offered me the long distance service was using a time tested 2 step selling process:

Step 1 Generate a lead – Get me to call their 800 number.

Step 2 Provide the requested information

Provided to me on the phone by one of their sales representatives, who was able to answer my questions and make me feel confident that I could save quite a bit of money on my long distance bill and that the service would be as good or better.

Whats So Good About 2 Steps

It is much easier to create interest a lead than it is to get a person through an entire buying process a sale

You aren’t getting the prospect or existing customer to part with any money just yet.

You can use postcards to inexpensively promote to your target prospects and customers and generate leads inquiries about your products and services to then be followed up on and converted to sales.

This 2 step process also helps you to create a list of people who were interested enough in what you offered to contact you.

You can then recontact the one’s who you didn’t complete a sale with when they first inquired, preferably until they do buy from you.

Be sure to get the information you will need to recontact the people who responded to your postcard offering.

Repetitive follow ups with the people who contacted you will result in increased sales. Make it a company policy to follow up with those people who contacted you about your products and services.


The Most Effective Use of Postcards

The purpose of your postcard’s message is to generate a sufficient level of interest in the mind of your prospect to get him/her to contact you to ask you about your offer.

You are generating interest, not collecting their money not yet anyway. That is what the 2 step marketing process is about. Generating interested prospects and customers who contact you for more information.

Your message needs 3 parts to be most effective:

1. A clear statement of the biggest benefit of your product or service in the long distance example, it was cost savings.

2. A good reason for them to contact you now

3. A simple, easy way for them to respond an 800 number for example.


Your message should be short and to the point. Short messages on postcards produce more leads than long one.

What 99% of Business Owners Don’t Know and Will Never Find Out About Using Postcards to Explode Their Profits

Offer ends 5-5-01 Print a date 3 weeks from your mailing date to create some urgency

Lots of people will respond to find out what they might not know. Dont forget, they responded, which is least some interest in the information you have created a curiosity about.

This method works and is sure to produce a large number of inquiries if sent to your proper market.

This 2 Step Marketing Process Works

Use the tips you have read here to create your next postcard’s message and see what happens.

You will generate a bunch of leads from people who are truly interested in your products and services.